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Lawn Tractor

Finding the perfect lawn tractor couldn’t be easier with our comprehensive selection of the best machines on the market. Our range has garden tractors from the leading manufacturers including John Deere, Mountfield, Stiga, AL-KO, Snapper and Westwood. These lawn and garden tractors have features including manual & automatic gearboxes, engines by Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Mountfield, tow bars and free mulch kits.
The easiest way to narrow down your choices is to work your way through our simple steps.
What Type?
There are 3 main categories of garden tractor. Grass collecting, side discharge and mulching.
What is your garden like? Do you have 1 large area of lawn that you like to keep neat and tidy or do you have several lawns / areas which are used for different purposes like entertaining, wild flower or orchards?. Some lawn tractors can be dual purpose where they collect but have a mulching option.
1.      A grass collection lawn tractor will collect the grass cuttings as you mow into a rear box. The grass box will be included in the purchase price and will come already fitted to the tractor. Suited to lawns and formal settings that require more upkeep and are used regularly.
2.      Mulching lawn tractors do not use a collector and mulch the grass cuttings as you mow. Mulching chops the cuttings into very tiny pieces which are recycled back into the lawn. The pieces are so small they virtually disappear on the lawn. No need to spend time emptying a collector. Formal or informal areas but the grass needs to be cut regularly as mulching is not recommended on longer grass.
3.      Garden tractors with a side discharge chute deposit the grass cuttings in a line alongside the tractor. These machines suit areas where the grass is longer and can be left to wilt back naturally and doesn’t require collecting.
What Size?
The size of lawn tractor you choose should be determined by the area of ground you have to cut and if there are any restrictions on access. It’s no good buying a 54 inch wide cut machine if the access is only 40 inches wide or alternatively a 36 inch wide tractor if you have a lawn the size of a football pitch to cut.