Petrol Scarifier

Petrol Scarifier for lawn careBy choosing a petrol lawn scarifier, you eliminate the need for an electricity supply to power the machine. You have freedom of movement across the area without contending with trailing electric cables. The sprung tines will power through any build-up of moss etc. Leaving the lawn able to breathe and receive valuable moisture and nutrients. New growth comes through healthier so the grass looks beautiful all season. A lawn aerator uses blades or knives to slice into the ground so moisture etc. can penetrate down to the grass roots. Aeration doesn’t remove any moss or thatch debris.

Petrol scarifiers are powered by 4-stroke engines so will require fresh fuel and engine oil. A bottle of four stroke engine oil is supplied with each new petrol scarifier. Our range of walk behind scarifiers has a machine to suit every pocket and application whether it is for professional or home owner use. In particular our Weibang lawn aerators carry a 1 year commercial and 5 year domestic use warranty.