Weibang Legacy Front Wheel Assembly (Metal) WGGM56A010200000/40

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Product Information:

Weibang Legacy Front Wheel Assembly (Metal) WGGM56A010200000/40Includes wheel bearings 5310213010Suitable for the following models;

  • Weibang
  • Legacy 48 PRO WB486SKPVR
  • Legacy 48 PRO BBC WB486SKPBVR
  • Legacy 48V WB486SBVR
  • Legacy 48VE WB486SBVR-48VE
  • Legacy 48VB WB486SBBR
  • Legacy 56 PRO WB567SKPVR
  • Legacy 56V WB567SBVR
  • Legacy 56VE WB567SBVR-56VE


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