Stiga Mountfield SAE30 Engine Oil 1.4 Litre 1111-9236-01

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Genuine Stiga Mountfield SAE30 Engine Oil 1.4 Litre 1111-9236-01SAE 30 4-stroke oil guarantees excellent performance and viscosity at temperatures between -5° and +40°. The API SL/CF s mean that it is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines and is indicated for lawnmowers and garden tractors, also of the front-cut ride-on type.The bottle contains 1.4 litres of product.This oil has been specifically designed for engines in STIGA & Mountfield machines and its use is recommended in order to obtain better performance and increase reliability and the duration of the engine over time.The 4-stroke oil above all prevents the metallic surfaces of the engine from being worn down, creating a film which separates them. Moreover, it disperses heat and reduces wear and tear, acting as protection for the engine.A good oil prevents the accumulation of dirt and deposits, protecting the metal sides, combats oxidation and minimises the acids that may cause corrosion.


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