Stiga BC 330 A Essential Series 3 Petrol Brushcutter

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Product Information:

If you're looking for a reliable, easy to use strimmer and brushcutter then the BC330A from Stiga is great value for money. As an Essential level machine it has been designed by Stiga to be lightweight, easy to use but still deliver on performance. The Stiga BC 330 A is both a brush cutter and grass strimmer and is powered by a 25.4cc 2 stroke Stiga engine which runs on an unleaded petrol and two stroke oil mix.Features

  • Soft grip loop handle
  • Vibration control system
  • Bump & work head
  • Metal blade
  • Single harness

The features on the BC 330 A are designed to make life easier for the user. The vibe control system reduces vibrations from the engine so the operator feels less fatigue in their hands and arms. The loop handle has a soft grip so it is comfortable to use for longer periods. The bump and work cutting system means the user can renew the line as it wears by tapping the head on the ground when the machine is in use. This simple action releases more line. The trimmer head and a 3 tooth metal are included as standard with this model.As the shaft on the BC330 A is a straight split design you can interchange the head with either the Stiga hedge trimmer or pole pruner attachment.Specifications


Brush cutter / grass trimmer
BC 330 A Essential Series 3
Stiga 2 stroke
Engine Capacity
0.7 kW
Shaft Type
Straight and split
Shaft Diameter
Handle Type
Loop with soft grip
Tap n' Go Head
Yes with 2.4mm line
Metal Blade
Yes, 3 tooth 255mm
Yes, single
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year domestic only
Optional Attachments
Hedge cutter and pole pruner