Replacement Honda Air Filter Element GXV160 17210-Z1V-003

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Replacement Honda Air Filter Element 17210-Z1V-003Non-genuine compatible replacementSuitable for the Honda GXV160 engine.Suitable for the following models;

  • HRD536HME MZBL8000001-8099999
  • HRD536HXE MZBL8000001-8099999
  • HRD536SXE MZBL8000001-8099999
  • HRD536K1HME MZBL8100001-8199999
  • HRD536K1HXE MZBL8100001-8199999
  • HRD536K2HME MZBL8200001-9999999
  • HRD536K2HXE MZBL8200001-9999999
  • HRH536HXE MZBU8000001-8099999
  • HRH536HXE MZBU8000001-8099999
  • HRH536QXE MZBU8000001-8099999
  • HRH536K1HXE MZBU8100001-8199999
  • HRH536K1QXE MZBU8100001-8199999
  • HRH536K2HXE MZBU8200001-9999999
  • HRH536K2QXE MZBU8200001-9999999
  • HRD536K3-HXE MZBL8200001-8299999
  • HRD536K3-QXE MZBL8200001-8299999
  • HRD536K4-HXEH MZBL8300001-
  • HRD536K4-QXEH MZBL8300001-
  • HRH536K3-HXE MZBU8200001-8299999
  • HRH536K3-QXE MZBU8200001-8299999
  • HRH536K4-HXEH MZBU8300001-
  • HRH536K4-QXEH MZBU8300001-

L 186mm x H 47mm x W 63mm (75mm Hole Centres & from ends 68mm / 45mm)


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