Replacement for Briggs & Stratton Pre-Filter 697015

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Replacement for Briggs & Stratton Pre-Filter 697015Quality non-genuine replacement part replaces 697015Suitable for some of the following models;

  • 280H06 280H07 280H77 280J07 280J77
  • 281H06 281H07
  • 282H07 282H77 
  • 283H07
  • 284H07 284H77
  • 285H07 285H77
  • 286H07 286H77
  • 28AH76 28AH77 28BH76 28BH77 28CH77
  • 319775
  • 31A707 31A777 31B707 31B775 31C707 31C777 31D707 31D777 31E707 31E777 31F707 31F777 31G707 31G777  31H707 31H777 31K777 31L777 31M777 31N707 31P777 31Q777


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