Mitox Throttle Assembly MICG260N.1

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Genuine Mitox Throttle Assembly MICG260N.1Complete assembly - all items in imageSuitable for the following models;

  • Mitox 26L Select MIBC11
  • Mitox 26U MIBC12
  • Mitox 33L MIBC14
  • Mitox 26S MIBC16
  • Mitox 33S MIBC17
  • Mitox 2800LX MIBC20
  • Mitox 28LRH MIHT26
  • Mitox 28LRK MIHT28
  • Mitox 28LRK-a MIHT29
  • Mitox 28MT MIMT03 (check shaft of machine to ensure correct product code)
  • Mitox 28MTK MIMT05
  • Mitox 268LRH Select MIRN07
  • Mitox 281MT MIRN09
  • Mitox 261L MIRN27
  • Mitox 261U MIRN28
  • Mitox 331L MIRN29
  • Mitox 435L MIRN31
  • Mitox 261SS-MT MIRN34
  • Mitox331SS-MT MIRN35
  • Mitox 26PA (Previously 266PPA) MIVT13
  • Mitox 35-4L MIBC43


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