MITOX Replacement Fuel Filter (MIP40.12.2-3A)

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Mitox Fuel Filter MIP40.12.2-3AFor E15 Fuel, Hedgetrimmer, Brushcutter & Multi Tool    Replacing MI1E34F.9.2-3   Suitable for the following models;

  • 35-4U MIBC42
  • 435U MIRN32
  • 35-4L MIBC43
  • 435L MIRN31
  • 28BV
  • BV280
  • 260L MIBC01
  • 330U MIBC02
  • 260U MIBC03
  • 330L MIBC05
  • 250C
  • 25C
  • 251C
  • 26L
  • 261L MIRN27
  • 26U MIBC12
  • 261U MIRN28
  • 33L MIBC14
  • 331L MIRN29
  • 33U MIBC15
  • 331U MIRN30
  • 26S MIBC16
  • 261SS-MT MIRN34
  • 33S MIBC17
  • 331SS-MT MIRN35
  • 2800LX
  • 2800UX
  • 3600UX
  • HTD600
  • HTS700
  • 60HTD
  • 600HTDS
  • 265LRH
  • 28LRH
  • 268LRH
  • 26PP
  • 266PP
  • 270MT MIMT01
  • 28MT MIMT03 (check shaft of machine to ensure correct product code)
  • 281MT MIRN09
  • 171MT MIMT10
  • 26B
  • B260
  • 43U MIBC04
  • 430U MIRN33
  • 27MT MIMT02
  • 271MT MIRN10
  • 26LRH
  • 266LRH

  Due to the universal problems with ethanol fuel, Mitox have introduced a new fuel filter to help overcome the problems. This new filter will be fitted to all Mitox Brush cutters and Multi-Tools     Currently in the UK; unleaded fuel can contain up-to 15% ethanol. Ethanol is Hydroscopic, (meaning  that it attracts atmospheric moisture). If ethanol and water are mixed together it becomes corrosive to  rubber and metal components.    It has been found that one of the side effects of ethanol fuel is that it can cause degradation of fuel  filters, resulting in small particles of the filter being carried into the carburettor and causing running  issues and the constant need to adjust the carburettor.


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