Mitox Brushcutter Fuel Breather MIYD45.03.00-5

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Product Information:

Genuine Mitox Brushcutter Fuel Breather MIYD45.03.00-5Suitable for the following models;

  • Mitox Select 25C-a MIBC80
  • Mitox 330LX-a Premium MIBC93
  • Mitox 260LX Premium MIBC51
  • Mitox 260UX Premium MIBC53
  • Mitox 530UX Premium MIBC56
  • Mitox 330LX Premium MIBC52
  • Mitox 250CX Premium MIBC50
  • Mitox 330UX Premium MIBC54
  • Mitox 430UX Premium MIBC55
  • Mitox 550UX Premium+ MIBC61
  • Mitox 33L-a Select MIBC83
  • Mitox Premium 260BX MIBV15
  • Mitox 430UX-a Premium MIBC95
  • Mitox Select 43U-a MIBC85
  • Mitox Select 26L-a MIBC81
  • Mitox 330UX-a Premium MIBC94
  • Mitox Select 53U-a MIBC86
  • Mitox Select 26U-a MIBC82
  • Mitox 530UX-a Premium MIBC96
  • Mitox Premium 280BVX MIBV10
  • Mitox 33U-a Select MIBC84


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