Hayter Lawn Mowers

Hayter Lawnmowers in the UK Hayter is unquestionably a premium brand of garden machinery, built on quality and heritage. The company was created in 1946 which means that it has been producing quality British made mowers and other garden machinery for over 70 years. Hayter is a UK lawn mower manufacturer that is renowned for lawn care keeping up to date with the latest advancements in lawnmower design, with self-propelled, push and rotary mowers available. Hayter petrol lawn mowers feature robust petrol engines and durable decks.

This particular line of Hayter garden power tools is fitted with a grass bag to collect your lawn cuttings whilst you mow your garden. The models we stock are petrol mowers, battery powered mowers, push lawn mowers, self propelled lawn mowers, push lawn mowers, roller mowers and cordless push mowers. Some models have variable speeds and all are fitted with sturdy cutter blades to ensure longevity.

One of the best types of lawn mower to give you stripes is a rear roller lawn mower. These roller mowers have a roller at the back of the mower as opposed to wheels. The roller pushes the grass down as you mow your lawn, creating the highly desired striped look.

Spend time looking through our range of Hayter lawnmowers and contact us if you would like any further information.