LAWNFLITE GTS1300RGE15 420cc E/S Self-Propelled Petrol Chipper

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Product Information:

Self-propelled wood chipper with rough terrain tracks.

The caterpillar tracks on the 1300R wood chipper allow it to operate on rough and difficult-to-access terrain. As a result, this machine is not only appropriate for the garden and park, but also for forestry. The structure can easily handle steep hills of up to 20 degrees. The chassis has been specially lowered, resulting in an input height that is only 10 cm higher than the 1300 on wheels.

The 1300R is a powerful wood chipper with small footprint. As a result, the machine can be transported in a minivan, trailer, and even through a standard garden gate.

The shredding system consists of a metal drum (rotor) with two blades mounted on it. This is quick, efficient, and has a large capacity. The system draws in fresh wood with a diameter of up to 10 cm (dry wood with a diameter of up to 8 cm), which is then effortlessly shredded into fine wood chips.

The wood chips are discharged directly into a trailer or wheel barrow via the turnable output chute with adjustable deflector. The wood chipper includes PRO blades, which last twice as long as regular blades.


Lawnflite / GTM Professional
Loncin G420FD e-start
15 hp / 11.02 kW
420 cc
Tank capacity
6.5 l
Euro98 (E5)
Oil sensor
Max. diameter wood
10 cm
50 x 28 cm
Input height
111 cm
Output height
160 cm
Deflector possible to adjust continuously to 85°
Turnable output
Panic bar and safety switches
2 PRO blades + 1 counter blade
215 x 72 x 160 cm
362 kg
Loncin G200F (5.5 hp)
Number of gears: 3 x forward and 1 x reverse
Max. speed: 4.5 km/h
Width of tracks: 18 cm

Warranty Information:

2 years