John Deere Cool-Gard II Coolant & Anti-Freeze VC76215-020

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Genuine John Deere Cool-Gard II Coolant & Anti-Freeze VC76215-02020 LitresJohn Deere Cool-Gard II is designed to ensure proper performance of your John Deere equipment.Looking for an easy way to prepare your equipment for challenges like freezing temperatures, high heat, and long service intervals? Start putting John Deere Cool-Guard II coolant in your machine. It’s a premium coolant designed to last, and helps your equipment last even longer.Protect your system and save money.

  • Cool-Gard II protects for so long, you may trade your equipment before you change your coolant. That means you’ll save on service and replacement costs. Cool-Gard II gives you;
  • Up to 6-year/6000-hour service life (instead of 3-year/3000 hours with current Cool-Gard and 2 year/2000 hours with competitive coolants) *Check your Operator’s Manual for service intervals for your machine
  • Longer service intervals
  • Protection against corrosion and deposits
  • Cavitation control for a longer liner life and more efficient water pump performance
  • Reliable freeze-point protection

Designed specifically for your John Deere equipment.

  • You can avoid most system failures by simply using the right coolant. Cool-Gard II is engineered with your equipment, for your equipment, so it meets the exact requirements of your machine. There’s no guessing, no trial and error – it’s designed to meet the conditions you face. Cool-Gard II has;
  • High thermal and oxidative stability for engines with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • New gold colour to differentiate Cool-Gard II from Cool-Gard
  • Ready-to-use, 50/50 premix formula for freeze protection down to -37º C

Cool-Gard II protects longer in engines that run even hotter.

  • What should changing engine technology mean for your business? Nothing. Cool-Gard II defends your machine against high-heat conditions as engines run hotter with changing regulations. The only difference you’ll see is better, longer-lasting performance from your equipment.
  • Engine radiator top tank temperatures are increasing as part of the Tier 4 exhaust emission reduction strategy for off-road vehicles. The above chart indicates the upcoming increase from 107º C to 113º C under a 15 psig  (pound-force per square inch gauge) pressure cap.
  • Proven protection for your cooling system 

Cool-Gard II engineers see the challenges engine cooling systems face every day in test cells and in field tests. And to make sure John Deere develops the best coolant to protect against these conditions, we’ve put Cool-Gard II to very aggressive high-heat tests. We compared how Cool-Gard II protects common cooling system metals under extreme, high-heat conditions with how other coolants protect under the same conditions. The metals protected by Cool-Gard II lost less mass than those protected by other brands.Cool-Gard II has been optimized with a nitrite-free, tri-organic additive formulation to maximize corrosion protection for extended performance periods (see photos below). We have replaced the nitrite additive with three organic elements to provide extended cavitation protection and longer service than traditional formulations. Cool-Gard II will also allow for maximum heat transfer and optimum radiator efficiency, with less downtime and lower maintenance costs. Recommendations;

  • The coolant must be changed when indicated in your operator’s manual to ensure optimum corrosion protection of the system.  Carefully rinse out the system in between coolant change over. Do not mix coolants of different origins or types. The performance of Cool-Gard II’s complex, optimised formulation can be negatively affected when mixed with other engine coolants. NB. Some applications enjoy extended intervals, please check the operator’s manual for further details.

Service Intervals;

  • Improve reliability and residual value by adhering to the recommended service intervals.


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