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Hayter Spirit 41 Autodrive Petrol Rear Roller Lawn mower

  • Brand: Hayter

  • HA619J

  • Availability: In Stock

5/5 (9 reviews)

  • Recommended Retail Price: £529.00

  • Our Price £479.00

  • You save: £50.00

Hayter Spirit 41 (41cm) HA619 Rear Roller Autodrive Lawnmower: this self propelled Hayter mower makes cutting the lawn effortless and leaves a wonderful striped finish. The Hayter Spirit 41 AD is packed with superb quality features including the full width ribbed rear roller, Briggs and Stratton high performance engine and smooth, ease of running wheels with rubber tyres & ball bearings.

A Hayter Spirit 41 push version of this mower is alsoavailable. If you don’t need a self-propelled lawnmower then the push one wouldbe ideal and is also cheaper.

The revolutionary design of the Hayter Spirit 41 lawn mowersintroduced an aluminium skeleton chassis into the construction with toughplastic formed covers and under deck. The lightweight aluminium chassis addsrobustness to this light and manoeuvrable lawn mower and continues the Haytertradition of producing tough durable machines built to last.

All key components requiring strength are securely mountedto the aluminium chassis - these include the engine, handlebars, grass bag,height of cut adjustment mechanism, rear roller, gearbox assembly and frontwheel axle. To reduce weight the remainder of the Spirit 41 is made of highimpact resistant ABS polymer. The Spirit 41 mowers also have a cutter bladefriction disc. This provides you with a lifetime guarantee against thecrankshaft bending in the event that you accidently hit something.

Autodrive or self-propelled lawnmowers have propulsion whichdrives the machine. The lawn mower will travel at a comfortable single speedwithout having to be pushed. Benefits include a faster mowing time over largerareas and less fatigue felt by the user which is normally associated with handpushing machines. This feature will help you cut and maintain your lawn withease.

The built in safety feature of the operator presence controlhandle means if you let go of the handle the machine will stop. This will stopthe mower from running on its own without anyone present.

Your Hayter Spirit 41 can be used throughout the year. Inaddition to mowing the grass in the Autumn you can use the mower to collectleaves. By raising the machine to its highest setting above the grass you willbe able to shred and collect the leaves.

By removing the grass bag you can use the lawnmower to cutand drop the grass cuttings. The cuttings will be discharged to the rear wherethey can be left to wilt back naturally. If you don’t need to collect theclippings they will provide extra moisture and nutrients to the grass roots.

The Briggs and Stratton 450e series™ engine fitted to theHayter Spirit 619 is an industry leader in its class. 450e four stroke petrolengines are designed by Briggs & Stratton to be lightweight yet stillpowerful enough to provide consistently excellent performance. All E Series™ Briggsengines pass European standards for reduced exhaust emissions by at least 25%. Thatis one of the reasons why they are the most popular and widely used engine onpetrol lawnmowers in Europe. The most efficient performance will be achieved onlawns up to 600m2.

The Spirit 41 push (HA617) and autodrive (HA619) rear rollermowers are designed and manufactured by Hayter in Britain. Superb British buildquality and performance. 

Spirit 41 Features

  • Unique Hayter aluminium and polymer construction
  • Strong lightweight aluminium skeleton chassis
  • Auto drive for effortless propulsion
  • Can be used without the collection bag as a rear discharge mower
  • Built with Briggs and Stratton engines for high performance, reliability, easystarting and low emissions
  • Front fins that noticeably improve the quality of cut and grass collection
  • Full width ribbed rear roller
  • 7 inch rubber rimmed front wheels with ball race bearings
  • Handlebars fold within length of machine so it needs less storage space
  • Smooth high impact ABS plastic under deck improves the collection performanceand reduces noise
  • 7 height of cut settings controlled by a single counterbalanced lever
  • Comfortable full width handle
  • Operator Presence Control for safe operation
  • Fabric grass collector can be lifted through the handlebars for easy emptying


  • Spirit 41 (HA 619)
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton Series 450E
  • Cylinder Displacement: 125cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 0.6 Litres
  • Propulsion: Auto drive, self-propelled
  • Single Speed: 2.5 mph
  • Rear Roller: Yes
  • Stripes: Yes
  • Cutting Width: 41 cm / 16 inch
  • Cutting Blade: Metal
  • Cutting Heights: 13mm to 65mm
  • Cutting Height Settings: 7
  • Height Adjustment Lever: Single
  • Grass Collector Capacity: 55 Litres
  • Grass Collector Material: Fabric
  • Handle: Two piece folding
  • Wheel Size: Diameter 7”, Width 2”
  • Wheel Type: Rubber rimmed with bearings
  • Starting method: Prime & Pull start, push the primerbutton then pull the recoil rope to start
  • Dimensions: Height – 1050mm, width – 472mm, length – 1370mm
  • Dry Weight: 30 kg
  • Lawn Size: Small (1/2 Tennis Court)
  • Lifetime Crankshaft Guarantee
  • Manufacturer's 3 year domestic warranty (Subject to AnnualService), 90 days commercial
  • Warranties Apply to Original Purchaser. Refer to OwnersHandbook for Full Terms & Conditions

Cutting Width
16" / 40 - 41cm
Domestic Warranty
3 Year
Engine Manufacturer
Briggs & Stratton
Handle Type
Recoil / Manual

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