Greenworks Cordless Mower

Cordless power is fume-free, quiet and offers uncompromising performance at a fraction of the running and maintenance cost of a petrol machine. The cable-free design gives you the freedom to work anywhere around the garden, easily manoeuvrable thanks to the lack of cables. The range of Greenworks cordless machines offer instant power at the push of a button. Aside from self-propulsion and instant power, some of our Greenworks models also equipped with a robust long-life brushless motor. Dependant on which size battery your model takes, 4ah or 2ah, a single battery charge provides over an hour of continual mowing with slow self-propulsion - equivalent to mowing about a quarter of an acre. The impressive battery capacity is also effective in long damp grass and at higher paces of propulsion, offering around 30 minutes of continuous usage.