Genuine NGK BCPR5ES Spark Plug

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Genuine NGK BCPR5ES Spark Plug NGK equivalent to Briggs & Stratton part number 992304, 797434 & 692720NGK equivalent to Sanli / Webb part number SAXX501037 Suitable for many models including;

  • AGRIA 4500 03x/63x series (B&S 16HP) 5900 Bison Taifun (B&S) 2500 Hydro (B&S Vanguard 13HP)
  • AL-KO 4700BRV 4800BRV 5200BRV 5679SVR MH5060
  • T13-82S T13-82HD T15-92HD T15-92HDE T15-102HD T15-102HDS T18-102HD T18-102HDE T20-102HD T20-102HDE T850R T920HD T920R T1000HD
  • Highline 527 VS 4in1 AK119815
  • Highline 477 VS Vario-Speed 4in1 AK119768
  • Highline 51.7 SP Self-propelled 4in1 AK119813
  • Solo R7-62.5 AK127306
  • Solo FC13-90.6HD 4WD AK127382
  • Solo FC13-90.6HD 2WD AK127381
  • Solo R13-72.5HD AK127311
  • ALPINA One 63Y One 72Y One 72YH One 92Y One 92YH One 98Y One 102Y One 102YH One 122YH
  • ATCO Rider 27M & Rider 25, Rider 27H 2T0075247/AT3, Rider 28H 2T0220287/AT5, GT30H 2T2110247/AT2, GT38HR 2T0620247/AT2, GT40H Twin 2T0951247/AT3, GTL43HR 2T1845247/AT7, GT48H Twin 2T1310247/AT3, GT40H Twin 4WD 2T1425247/AT8, GTL46HR Twin 2T1945247/AT7, GTL46HR Twin 4WD 2T3025247/AT8, Liner 19S V 294519027/AT6, Quattro 22S 4in1 294556827/AT6, Quattro 22S V 4in1 294563827/AT7
  • 3.5HP 93400 Series With top tank (Slanted entry plug fitment, 19mm Thread Reach)
  • Vanguard 4.0HP 085400, 5.0HP 104700 & 115400, 6.0HP 117400, 7.5HP 138400, 9.0HP 161400, 9.0HP 185400, 11.0HP 235400, 12.5HP 260700, 12.5HP 290400, 13.0HP 245400, 13.0HP 28P700, 14.0HP 294400 & 294700, 15.5HP 28Q700 & 28S700, 16.0HP 303400 & 303700, 18.0HP 350400 & 350700, 20.0HP 351400 & 351700, 23.0HP 380400 & 380700 & 386400 & 386700 Series
  • 6.0HP 99700 Series (Europa) (OHV)
  • 6.0HP 121600, 16.5HP 310700, 17.0HP 312700, 20.0HP 406700 Series (Intek)
  • 14.0HP 287700, 15.0HP 28N700 Series (OHV)
  • 575iS Series (model code 092J)
  • 650EXi Series
  • 675EXi Series
  • 700, 750 Series (DOV)
  • 800, 800E, 825, 850, 850EX, 875, 875iS, 900, 950, 950E, 1350, 1450 Series (OHV), 3130AVS Powerbuilt
  • CUB CADET Volunteer 4x4 (Kohler CH640)
  • DR TR4 Premier 675 DRMP60
  • EFCO JET DR 52, VBR6, MR 55 TBD, MR 55 TBI, EF 63 C/6.5 M, EF 72 C/12.5 H, EF 72 C/12.5 M, EF 93 C/13.5 H, EF 105 J/15.5 H, EF 105 J/18 H, EF 124 J/22 H, EF 106 J/17.5 H, EF 106 J/18 H, Tuareg 92, Tuareg 92 4x4, MZ 2080R
  • GREENMECH Arborist 15-23 CS100 CS100-18E
  • HARRY 471 VFB
  • HAYTER  Ranger 53 Pro AD Heritage 13/30 Heritage M10/30 Heritage RS14/82 Heritage RS17/102H Heritage ST38, Heritage ST42, Harrier 41 376A, 376B, Harrier 48 475A, 490J, 493J, 496H, 496J, Harrier 56 560H, 560J, 561H, 561J, 563H, 563H, 566H, 566J, 575A, 576A, 579A
  • HUSQVARNA CT126 CTH126 CT151 CT154 CTH171 CTH174 CTH194 CTH200 Twin CTH220 Twin GTH260 Twin YTH200 Twin YTH220 Twin CTH2036 CTH2542 LT1597 LC53e LC53Be LT126 LTH151 LT154 LTH154 WC48Se R213C R215TX R216 R216AWD R422Ts AWD Rider 11C/R 13C 16C/C AWD Rider 111B 111B5 5524S DRT70 TC338 960510128
  • JOHN DEERE JA65 JS61 JS63C JS63V JS63VC JS63 B&S Intek OHV (121602-0269-E1 121602-0525-E1 12E602-0135-E1 121602-0370-E1 121602-0528-e1) X165
  • JONSERED LR2107C FR2111/3/6 FR2213 MA FR2216 A/A2 LT2120 LM2153 CT2105
  • KOHLER 3.5HP XT-6 4.5HP XT-7 5.0HP CH5 6.0HP CH6 7.0HP CH270 9.5HP CH395 11.0HP CH11 CV11 11.0HP CV11 LP 12.5HP CH12.5 CV12.5 13.0HP CH13 CV13 13.0HP CV13 LP 14.0HP CH440 14.0HP CV14 CH14 14.0HP CV14 LP 15.0HP CH15 CV15 15.0HP SV470 16.0HP CH16 CV16 16.0HP CV460 16.0HP SV480 16.5HP CV465 17.0HP CV17 CV490 17.0HP SV530 18.0HP CH18 CV18 CV493 CV495 18.0HP SV540 19.0HP SV590 20.0HP CH20 CV20 CH640 20.0HP SV600 SV710 SV810 21.0HP SV610 22.0HP CH22 CV22 22.0HP SV620 SV715 23.0HP CH23 CV23 23.0HP SV720 SV820 24.0HP SV725 25.0HP CH25 CV25 CH730 CV730 25.0HP SV730 SV830 26.0HP CH26 CV26 26.0HP SV735 27.0HP CH740 CV740 27.0HP SV740 SV840 28.0HP CH745 CV745 30.0HP CH750 CV750 CH5 CH6 CH18 CH20 CH22 CH25 CV11 CV12.5 CV14 CV18 CV20 CV22
  • MASPORT 500AL 18", 575AL SP Combo 18" 482949, 800 AL Combo 464794, Contractor 625AL RED, Rotarola RRSP-22, Rotarola 18" SP Rear Roller RR18SP, Widecut 800 AL Push Combo 464793
  • MASSEY FERGUSON 30-13 30-15 30-17
  • McCULLOCH M115-77 M125-97HRB M125-97HB M135-38 M155-107HRB M175-38 M175-H38RB M185-107HRB M195-42H M220-42H M53-875DWA MRT6 M53-150 4x4
  • POULAN 301ZX 380ZX 460ZX 461ZX 540ZX 541ZX PB195H42LT PB20H42YT PB22H46YT PB23H48YT PB26H54YT PBGT26H54 PO12530LT PO17542LT PO18542LT Weed Eater ONE PR8P27ES DRT900 HDF900 PRRT900 RT900 (B&S 900 Series) FT900
  • SANLI LS4135 LS40 LS42 LSP42 LSR42 LSPR42 LSP46 LSPR48 LSP513 OHV350 Engine OHV400 Engine 1P60F-A 3.5hp OHV Engine 1P64F-A 3.75hp OHV Engine 1P68F-A 5.5HP OHV Engine
  • SHIBAURA AM201 TR7 Bunker Rake MTS-400
  • SNAPPER ELBC6151BV ELBC6152BV ELBX10151BV ELBX10152BV PP71402KV G30000 G35000 G55000 G56000 G62000 ECP21550V EFRP216516BV EFRP2167517BV EP2167517BV ERP2167517BV ELP216752BV ELP216753BDV ELP21702BV ELP21703BDV ELP21703BV ENXT22875 EP217017BV ERP217017BV EP217018BV ERP217018BV EP217019BV ERP217019BV ERDV19850HW Conquest (Kohler 27HP only) ELT125D331V ELT125G331KV ELT140H22BBU ELT140H33ABV ELT140H33BBV ELT140H33DBV ELT140H331KV ELT140H411KV ELT145H33FBV ELT145H33GBV ELT145H33HBV ELT150H33IBV ELT160H422BV ELT180H33IBV ELT18538 ELT18540 ELT2044 ELT2250 Prestige (Kohler 25HP & 27HP) RD2140 WLT170H38IBV YT2344 Conquest (23HP only) E251023BVE E2512523BVE E281123BVE E2812523BVE E281323BVE E2813523BVE E331413KVE E421613BVE E331415KVE E331416KVE E331518KVE E331520KVE E331523KVE ERZT185440BVE ERZT20441BVE2 ESZT18336BVE EYZ15334BVE EZT18542150ZBVE EZT20501BV H1528E H1730E L824E L1226E M924E M1227E M1529E P2132E SS822EX SS922EX SS7522E 6016RT 7016RT ICFR5505BV
  • STIGA Combi 53SQ B 299536828/S16, Combi 55SQB 294556828/S17, Combi 55SVQ B 294557828/S17, Turbo 48SB 299486028/S16, Twinclip 55SB 294562028/ST1, Combi 1066HQ 2T0078281/14, Park 220 2WD 2F5820321/S16, Villa 14 HST 2F2720421/S16, Estate 3084H 2T2110281/14, Combi 3072H 2T0220281/14, Combi 48SEB 295486528/STX, Multiclip 47SEQ B 298472528/ST1, Multiclip Pro 53 SB 293532028/S14 293532028/ST1, Twinclip 55SQB 294562828/ST1
  • TORO 20955 20958 20959 20960 20965 29732
  • VIKING MB655G MB655VM MB655VR GB370S GB460 HB585
  • WEBB R41HP R41SP R46SP, OHV350 1P60F-A 3.5hp OHV, OHV400 1P64F-A 3.75hp OHV, 1P68F-A 5.5HP OHV Engines
  • WEIBANG Legacy 56V WB536SBVR WGMP45 Legacy 56 VE WB536SBER WGMP46


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