Powered Wheelbarrow

Electric Powered BarrowsOur electric powered and petrol fuelled wheelbarrows are ideal for construction, plant hire, landscaping and garden maintenance. Electric powered wheelbarrow transporters can work through slippy surfaces in the rain thanks to running on tracks instead of wheels, and are fitted with heavy-duty batteries that are rechargable and replaceable - matching the performance of their petrol counterparts. . Electric tippers are also able to be taken through homes where access to the garden is restricted. These power barrows are the perfect addition to your arsenal of power tools thanks to their ability to traverse rough terrain, with electric models being battery powered complete with charger. Utilising an electric motor, your motorised wheelbarrow will enable you to move heavy loads with ease. Mini loaders are capable of moving lighter loads across rough terrains. If you find yourself frequently conducting heavy workloads on your garden, opting for a battery powered electric wheelbarrow will be a smart investment.