Push Lawn Spreader

At Mowers Online, our extensive range of push-propelled garden spreaders provide committed gardeners and green finger enthusiasts with an efficient and time effective means of maintaining a beautiful and full lawn. Whether you’re looking to distribute seed, fertiliser, 'weed and feed', sand or ice melt material, our extensive range of products can help. These easy spreaders are a fantastic piece of garden machinery to help with your lawn care, the rotary spreaders distribute the lawn seed thanks to the built in seed spreader, keeping your lawn evergreen easy!Mowers Online supplies all the big names synonymous with industry leading spreaders, including: Turfmaster, Handy, Cobra, Agri-Fab , Tondu and many many more. What Types Of Spreader Are Available?There are three types of fertiliser spreaders available, these are: rotary/broadcast, drop and liquid spreaders. Rotary and Broadcast fertiliser spreaders come in numerous forms, such as: hand-held, push-type, pull or tow-behind, with each form having their own set of advantages. Push-type spreaders are similar to lawn mowers in manoeuvrability and are perfect for standard-sized lawns. Tow-behind spreaders are easily attached to the back of lawn mowers and ATV's, making them optimal for much larger areas as less physical labour is required to cover the area. Drop fertiliser spreaders are best used for evenly distributing grass seeds, potentially for a brand new garden or an ongoing project that requires precision and symmetry. These spreaders are often both the most common and most favourable options for lawn spreaders. This is because they give a uniform spread of lawn feeds as your selected products come out of the hopper. It’s very important that you check the width of a drop spreader – in order for you to be sure on the precise coverage.