Electric Scarifier

Electric Scarifier for Lawn careEven those with a small lawn like it to look beautiful and by using an electric lawn rake, electric lawn scarifier or electric lawn aerator in the Spring and Autumn you can improve its quality and appearance. These walk behind electric machines are fitted with tines that ‘rake’ out any dead moss or thatch so new grass growth can come through. Removing this build-up of debris lets moisture and nutrients penetrate the soil down to the grass roots. Some machines are a combination of scarifier and aerator where by changing a cassette you can swap between scarifying tines and aerating blades. The lawn aerator blades make small incisions in the lawn so oxygen and moisture can reach the grass roots.

Our electric lawn scarifiers and electric lawn aerators are manufactured by leading brands Flymo, Cobra, AL-KO, John Deere and Bosch. All our machines carry the full manufacturer’s warranty.