EGO PowerPlus Power Unit & Snow Shovel Attachment Kit

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All EGO garden equipment can be used with any of the 56v batteries from their range. They range in power from 2Ah – 7.5Ah. The higher Ah (amp hours) the more energy charge there is in a battery and the longer it will power a machine. The EGO PH1400E power head can be interchanged with all the batteries and multi-tool attachments. It has a loop handle which can be adjusted to suit each user. The variable speed trigger control keeps the power at your fingertips as you trim and prune your way around the garden. The EGO multi-tool attachments slip easily into the coupling on the power unit where they are locked into place.

EGO have been designing cordless garden tools for several years in the USA with great success. Their 56v batteries are comparable in power to petrol engines but without the emissions. Battery powered gardening tools provide the user with the freedom to work without cables and don’t produce any exhaust fumes. They are also a lot quieter to operate which is a must in a domestic setting.

Included in this package is the EGO snow shovel attachment. This is a handy item for clearing snow off pathways and drives. With a 300mm working width the shovel is great for clearing snow quickly and easily. It has a throwing distance of up to 7.5m with a 15cm intake height. The discharge direction can be adjusted up to 30 degrees left or right.

Our package includes the PH1400e power head, shovel attachment, 2.5Ah battery and standard battery charger. The battery can fully charge in 50 minutes. If you have the rapid charger already it will charge in 30 minutes.


Battery Size
2.5Ah, 140w
Handle Type
Power Unit Weight
Warranty Power Unit & Shovel
5 year domestic - Terms & Conditions Apply
Warranty Battery & Charger
3 year domestic