EGO Power BAX1500 28.0Ah Battery and Cable Only

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Product Information:

The EGO Power Plus BAX1500 28.0Ah battery and cable is the 56V Arc Lithium backpack battery which is compatible with the Power plus range. Not only clean, quiet and environmentally friendly, the EGO Power + range has the same power output as 80% of the petrol products on the market.EGO’S leading-edge 56V Arc Lithium technology is designed and performs like no other battery. The innovative Arc design distributes heat more effectively than conventional batteries, which prevents overheating. Each power cell is surrounded by EGO’s patented Keep Cool™ phase change material this clever material absorbs heat energy and keeps individual cells at their optimum temperature for longer. For optimum performance, efficiency and longevity, the 56V Arc Lithium high energy capacity batteries incorporate intelligent individual cell monitoring and balancing, both when it’s powering a tool and when it’s recharging. The high-quality cells with both high power rating and high energy density can handle up to 1,000 charge cycles. Plus, with fast recharging you can go from empty to full in just 3.5 hours.The BAX1500 boasts many impressive features; a LED power level gauge to indicate remaining power levels, to keep the battery cool it has managed air vents and both 12v and USB charging options ensure it can be charged from various power sources. EGO has tested the sturdy backpack system in the heaviest downpours and the robust casing can take all the knocks you can throw at it.Batteries have a 2 year warranty, extended by 1 year if you register your battery with EGO within 30 days. The commercial warranty is 1 year.Contains the BAX1500 Battery Backpack and cable only. Harness / frame not includedSpecifications:


Battery capacity
1568Wh, 56V
Charge time
Cycle Life
Up to 1200 cycles
Managed Air Ventilation
LED Fuel Gauge
Retractable Carrying Handle
High Current Capacity Cable
12V and USB Charging Points
Adapter / Plug-in
Weatherproof Protection IP56
Battery weight without harness
5 year domestic, 1 year commercial