Cordless Lawn Mowers

Industry-Leading Battery Powered Cordless Lawnmowers - With the increasing demand for cleaner and environmentally friendly products throughout industry garden machinery manufacturers are striving to produce the most powerful, technologically advanced battery powered cordless lawn mowers. The higher the voltage of battery the more power it will produce starting from 24v. The lithium-ion batteries used in these mowers are cheaper, lighter and more environmentally friendly than previous lead-acid (NiCad) batteries. Complete with cutting height adjustment and variable cutting widths, these mowers are easy to handle and are a great choice when dealing with long grass. One of the best selling points of cordless mowers is how quiet and easy to move they are - with no wires that can be caught on your shrubbery, a battery-powered cordless mower will be your go-to piece of machinery.  All of the current cordless lawn mowers we have featured on our website are delivered by top name brands who offer quality and superb features throughout their machines. Browse through our catalogue of cordless mowers by Hayter, Mountfield, Stiga, EGO, AL-KO and Cobra. Up to date ranges of 4 wheel, rear roller and self-propelled battery-powered lawnmowers can be viewed on the website and we keep a varied range in our showroom.