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A Guide to Petrol Cylinder Lawnmowers

A petrol cylinder lawnmower is the ideal mower for you if you want to achieve a finely cut lawn and can be seen being used by numerous groundskeepers maintaining lawn tennis courts and bowling green’s nationwide, hence why the petrol cylinder lawnmower is primarily known for producing a ‘Wimbledon’

Top 5 Reasons Your Petrol Lawnmower Won’t Start

There are many reasons why petrol lawnmowers won’t start, but there are a few which are more common than others and for which the problem can be solved with relative ease.

Brand Watch - Stiga

Stiga produce some of the best quality lawn mowers and garden machinery. In this article we delve into their product portfolio to show you why they're ahead of the game.

Stiga - A Pocket History

Established in Sweden in 1934, Stiga has over 80 years of experience in producing high quality garden machinery. Consumer-driven innovation has always been at the heart of the organisation. Their overriding mission is to provide premium garden machinery and tools that tailor perfectly to all differe

Brand Watch - Mountfield

Mountfield are one of just several leading brands in the UK that produce a wide variety of lawnmowers and other machinery that are of great help to people working on making their gardens look nicer and of a better quality

Mountfield - A Pocket History

For more than 50 years, Mountfield have been providing first-class quality and highly reliable products to their customers.

Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Lawn Mower

There are a lot of things that people look over when choosing what lawnmower to purchase. Many just go for the model that has the most power and therefore is likely to be the most expensive also and therefore don’t take into consideration highly influential factors, such as size and layout of their

Putting Autumn Leaves to Good Use (Mulching)

Any autumn leaves used in a leaf mould are an ideal mulch to use when insulating plants from the adverse drop in temperatures in the winter season. Also, the mulch will also help your soil retain moisture and keep the roots of your plants at a good temperature.

Safety First - Stay Safe Whilst Cutting Lawns and Gardens

The Royal Society For The Prevention of Accidents reported that around 6,500 accidents each year could be attributed to the incorrect use of lawnmowers or other garden machinery. So with this in mind, here are some lawn mowing safety tips to help you stay safe whilst mowing your lawns.

Great Christmas Ideas for the Children

Great Christmas Ideas for the Children - It’s now getting to that time where most people are frantically exploring shops and browsing online to find the right gifts for their children. Here are some products that we would highly recommend that you consider

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