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How to Stay Safe Whilst Mowing The Lawn

This blog wil explain in detail all the things you need to know regarding a number of ways in which you can minimize the likelihood of damages and injuries, whether that be personal or to your surroundings, whilst mowing the lawn.

The Best Petrol Lawn Mowers

If you’re looking to invest in a new lawnmower then spending some time doing research can help you find the right mower for you and your garden. We always like to recommend lawnmowers which we have had experience of using ourselves or had good feedback from customers about.

Get Ready for the ‘Year of the Snowstorm’

This blog will provide you with all the info you need regarding the potential adverse weather conditions and what you are going to need in terms of machinery, tools and other equipment to minimize the impact of these potential conditions, including snow shovels, salt spreaders and ice scrapers.

How To - Change The Engine Oil in a Lawnmower

One of the most important jobs associated with maintaining the best performance from the mower is to make sure you correctly change the engine oil. You won’t need any special tools or equipment and it shouldn’t take you very long if you follow the step by step advice below.

Bindweed and Knotweed

Bindweed and Japanese knotweed. How do you tell the difference. They’re both a problem for gardens but only one can cause permanent damage to your house and garden.

How to Choose A Lawnmower – That’s Right For Me

Buying a lawnmower can seem nice and easy and it can be if you ask yourself the right questions

Do I Need A Hover Mower?

For many of us our 1st lawnmower was an electric hover that we bought (or were given) no matter what type of lawn we had. Times have changed and so have hover mowers. You can still buy electric hover mowers for small flat lawns but for larger lawns and especially banked areas a good petrol hover mow

Professional Quality Portek Strimmer Heads

If you need a professional quality trimmer head for your brush cutter or grass strimmer then the Portek range of cutting heads is perfect for you. By fitting a high quality head to your machine with decent line you can save time and money. Hard wearing heads and cutting line will last longer and won

Chemical Weed Killer Ban - What Alternatives Are There?

It looks like within the next 5 years Europe will be phasing out the use of glyphosate based weed killers. In anticipation of this garden machinery companies are already investing in alternative options for consumers

How mowing a lawn could land you a house, and other heart-warming tales of lawn mower based kindness

In today’s article we look at five stories surrounding people and lawn mowing; whether it’s to own your own home or just to help in your community there’s always a story to tell.

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