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Professional Quality Portek Strimmer Heads

If you need a professional quality trimmer head for your brush cutter or grass strimmer then the Portek range of cutting heads is perfect for you. By fitting a high quality head to your machine with decent line you can save time and money. Hard wearing heads and cutting line will last longer and won

Chemical Weed Killer Ban - What Alternatives Are There?

It looks like within the next 5 years Europe will be phasing out the use of glyphosate based weed killers. In anticipation of this garden machinery companies are already investing in alternative options for consumers

How mowing a lawn could land you a house, and other heart-warming tales of lawn mower based kindness

In today’s article we look at five stories surrounding people and lawn mowing; whether it’s to own your own home or just to help in your community there’s always a story to tell.

Zero Turn Lawnmowers – are they the future?

This article looks at the zero turn ride-on mower with its capability of turning 360 degrees and how their prices are looking more affordable for 2017.

Lawnmowers cut more than just grass

This article reveals two groups of people who decide to see what would happen when food was thrown into a running lawnmower and the consequences that followed.

New insurance rules affect ride on lawn mowers

This article informs of the possibility of all powered vehicles having to have insurance, including ride on lawnmowers, irrespective of whether they are being used solely on private land.

Sensors have a big future with robotic lawn mowers

Today’s article looks at robotic lawnmowers and their use of sensors which enable them to be left to mow the lawns and how they could become more efficient with the development of the sensor.

Lawnmower accidents happen anytime in the year

In today’s blog we remind everyone that when using your lawn mower accidents can still happen and that with a little extra care, injuries can be avoided.

Robotic lawn mower market set to boom

In today’s article we look and the increasing popularity of robotic lawn mower and the predictions that the market is set to boom over the next five years

People who love mowing the lawn, and why

Today’s article looks a people who love mowing the lawn and why they don’t find it a chore and gives theirs reasons; including a quote from Olympic kayaker Ken Wallace.

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