Best Lawn Games for the Summer

It’s got to be said that there is nothing to compare with summer days spent playing garden games with friends and family. Whether you’re on holiday or at home, these games are quick to set up and very enjoyable for all ages. Here are our top choices for summer lawn games:

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Lawn Croquet

This fun game was first played in the 1800s and involved hitting balls through hoops with a mallet. The French were first to play it and it quickly made its way over to Britain where it has firmly established itself as a summertime favourite.

To play, each person takes a turn to have one hit. If a wicket is scored or another ball is hit, then an extra play is earned. Feel free to play the game and modify it as you wish, but the official court size is 100 ft x 50 ft.


Also known at petanque, boules is the French name for a game where heavy balls are rolled as close as possible to a smaller target ball.

It is also popular game in Italy, Croatia and Malta. Traditionally played in parks and town squares round France, some towns and villages host a dedicated playing area specifically reserved for the game. Buy boules here.

Garden Darts

A fun game that is played by throwing giant plastic darts at a target which is often two hoops laid on the ground.

As with most games, there are a number of variations to the game. Points are usually awarded to players when the dart lands inside the target area. Buy garden darts here.

Build beautiful memories by playing lawn games this summer

The tradition of playing lawn games during summer months goes back hundreds of years. The games listed here have official organisations and tournaments around the world. Whether you’re paying for fun or competition, these games are suitable for most ages.

Isn’t it time you built some wonderful family memories for your children?

From Paula Hyde