AL-KO Tractor PCB Printed Circuit Board 473942

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Genuine AL-KO Tractor PCB Printed Circuit Board 473942Suitable for the following models;

  • AL-KO
  • T13-93HD-A BLACK EDITION AK119865
  • T18-95.4HD AK119348
  • Comfort; T13-93HDS-A AK127471
  • Edition; T16-92HD AK119725
  • T16-92.7HD AK127411
  • T16-102HD AK119726
  • T16-102.7HD AK127412
  • Powerline; T16-95.4HD AK119349
  • T16-105.4HD AK119351
  • SOLO; T13-93HD Comfort AK127416
  • T15-93.7HD-A Comfort AK127417
  • T15-103HD-A Comfort AK127418
  • T16-93.7HD-V2 Comfort AK127443
  • T16-95.5HD V2 AK127135
  • T16-95.6HD V2 Premium AK127369
  • T16-103.7HD-V2 Comfort AK127444
  • T16-105.5HD V2 AK127136
  • T16-105.6HD V2 Premium AK127370
  • T18-95.5HD AK127134
  • T18-110.6HDS AK127324
  • T20-105.5HDE V2 Premium AK127376
  • T20-105.6HD V2 Premium AK127371
  • T22-111HDS-A V2 Comfort AK127445
  • T23-125.6HD Premium AK127384
  • Brill
  • T05/18H Crossover AK119591
  • Crossover T95/13H AK119589
  • T95/16H Crossover AK119590

Check article number of mower to determine the correct parts - the article number is the 6 digit number starting with a 1 (detailed article number or Art. No.).Please note all models above detail the specific article number for which this part is suitable.


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