AL-KO Solo T22-105.1 HDA V2 Premium Lawn Tractor

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Product Information:

The AL-KO T22-105.1 HD-A V2 is a premium lawn tractor and part of AL-KO’s Solo range. The grass tractor is driven by a powerful 708cc v-twin engine and hydrostatic twin touch pedal drive. The 105cm mower deck incorporates a patented frame design with ergonomic driving position and luxury padded seat. With a 310-litre high-capacity grass collector, the T22-105.1 HD-A V2 can cover plenty of lawn before needing to empty. There is a full audio alert to avoid overfilling and optional push button electric tip if required.  The 7-stage central cutting height adjustment provides mowing heights between 30-90mm with robust cutting blades leaving an exceptional finish to the lawn. The supplied mulch plug reduces grass cuttings into a fine consistency and returns them to the lawn to provide a nutrient-rich fertiliser for the lawn.AL-KO T22-105.1 HD-A V2


  • AL-KO Pro 700 V2 Engine
  • Twin touch foot pedal Hydrostatic Drive
  • Premium 105cm Deck
  • 310 litre grass collector
  • Mulch plug and tow bar supplied
  • 5 Year domestic warranty

The LED headlights allow for mowing in the waning light and the smart drive cockpit allows the user to use their mobile phone as a dashboard for their solo by AL-KO lawn tractor to view the fuel tank level, the current mowing speed, total operating hours and much more. The parking brake is conveniently positioned under the steering wheel.  With the supplied tow bar, the T22-105.1 HD-A V2 is a versatile workhorse towing trailers and other towable attachments.


 AL-KO Pro 700 V2
708 cc
12.2 kW / 2450 rpm
Foot Hydrostatic, twin touch foot pedals
Cutting Width
105 cm
Cutting Height
Height Adjustment
7 Stage
Collector Volume
310 Litre
Tip Mechanism
Manual lever
Yes - Included
251 x 100 x 117
Domestic 5 Years (Terms Apply)