AL-KO Robolinho® 23cm / 9″ 2323w Robotic Lawnmower

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Product Information:

Compact and flexible. The Robolinho® 1423 W completely automates garden maintenance. Because of the intelligent connection to Smart Garden systems, your lawn is not only mowed reliably, but you also gain back your free time.

Connection: The new app-enabled Robolinho® robotic lawnmower intelligently maintains the garden, making Smart Garden a reality. Control is possible via the AL-KO inTouch app, the WiFi home network, or Amazon Alexa.

The Robolinho® 1423 W was designed by our engineers in Germany and manufactured by our specialists in Austria, ensuring that AL-KO Gardentech only provides the highest quality to its customers. The Robolinho®, with its long-lasting components and sophisticated technology, is a reliable companion and helper for daily lawn care in your garden. The robotic lawnmower is extremely simple to set up; both the base station and the smart gardening connection are immediately ready. Our sophisticated software and user-friendly interface allow you to care for your lawn whenever and wherever you want.

The Robolinho® 1423 W brings intelligent garden care and smart gardening to the present. The robotic lawnmower's hardware is already installed, allowing for a simple connection via the AL-KO inTOUCH app. The entire thing runs seamlessly over your WiFi. Quiet and emission-free operation ensures a pleasant experience, powered by a 5 Ah / 25.2 V powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. This means that the AL-KO robotic lawnmower can be operated easily on holidays or at night. The specially developed movement technology, combined with a 23 cm cutting width, ensures efficient lawn care for up to 1200 square metres. Obstacles such as trees and gradients of up to 45% are easily overcome. Double mower with reversible blades for four times the service life. Please keep in mind that when you purchase one of our solo® by AL-KO robotic lawnmowers, soil nails and boundary cables are not included.

The cutting height can be continuously adjusted from 25 mm to 55 mm, allowing you to tailor the length of your lawn to your specific needs. AL-KO's DCS (Double-Cut System) ensures a perfect cutting pattern, with the resulting grass clippings chopped while still in the mower housing and returned to the lawn as biological fertiliser. As a result, Robolinho® 1423 W eliminates the need to dispose of grass clippings. The robotic lawnmower's dependable safety technology ensures maximum safety for both humans and animals.


Net Weight in kg
8.9 KG
Height in cm
27 CM
Length in cm
63 CM
Width in cm
43 CM
Box Length in cm
80 CM
Drive type
Sound Power Guar LwA[dB (A)]
Product Range
Battery Capacity (internal) Ah
Charging Time Internal Battery
170 MIN
Battery Run Time (internal)
240 MIN
Battery Voltage (internal) V
25.2 V
Max. Gradient in%
45 %
Suitable Area up to sqm
2300 QM
Number of Entry Points
Rain Sensor
Cutting Width in cm
23 CM
Cutting height min / max in mm
25 - 55 MM
Cutting Height Adjustment
Manual - stepless
Device has eco mode
AL-KO Connect WLAN
Forward Speed max km/h
0.97 KMH

Warranty Information:

Domestic Warranty: 2 Years Standard / 5 Years Extended* (Subject To Servicing)

Important Delivery Information:

Soil nails and boundary cables are not included with the purchase of our solo® by AL-KO robotic lawnmowers.