AL-KO Ride On Tractor Seat 476569

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Genuine AL-KO Ride On Tractor Seat 476569Replaces 473384Suitable for the following models;

  • AL-KO
  • T16-95HD V2 AK127135
  • T18-95.4HD AK119348
  • Powerline; T16-95.4HD AK119349
  • T16-105.4HD AK119351
  • T20-105.4HDE AK119352
  • T23-125.4HD AK119547
  • Premium; T15-95.6HD-A AK127367
  • T16-95.6HD V2 AK127369
  • T16-105.6HD V2 AK127370
  • T20-105.6HD V2 AK127371
  • T20-105.6HDE V2 AK127376
  • T22-105.1HDA V2 AK127621
  • T22-110.0HDH-A V2 AK127575
  • T23-125.6HD V2 AK127384
  • Solo; T16-105.5HD V2 AK127136
  • T18-95.5HD AK127134
  • T20-105.5HDE V2 AK127137
  • T23-125.5HDE V2 AK127138


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