AL-KO Replacement Pin And Grip Assembly (468886)

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Product Information:

The complete assembly kit of pin and grip, used to attach the gas strut from the AL-KO Lawn Tractor to the Grass BoxReplaces 521269Suitable for the following models;

  • AL-KO
  • T13-102 Lux HVC AK118347
  • T13-102HVC AK118121
  • T16-102HDH AK118755
  • T16-102HVC AK118122
  • T17-102HD LUX HVC AK118144
  • Comfort; T1500 AK118713
  • T16-103.7HD-V2 AK127444
  • Concord; T13-102 AK110918
  • T13-102HD AK118148 AK118239
  • T15-102 AK118246 AK118332
  • T15-102HD AK118247 AK118333
  • T15-102HD Masport AK118478 AK118606
  • T16-102.7HD AK127412
  • T16-102HD AK119265 AK119726
  • T17-102HD AK110920 AK118240
  • T18-102 AK118248
  • T18-102HD AK118334
  • T18-102HD Masport AK118479 AK118607
  • T20-102HD AK118226
  • Cooper; T15-102HD AK118726
  • T18-102HD AK118711
  • Edition; T13-92 AK119263
  • T13-92HD AK119283
  • T14-102HD AK119264
  • Heritage; RS17/102HD AK118691
  • Marina; T13-102 K118194
  • T15/102 AK118827
  • T17/102HD AK118195
  • T18-102 K118690
  • T18/102HD AK118427
  • Powerline; RT18-102HD AK118302
  • T15-92HD AK118863
  • T15-102HD AK118620 AK118866
  • T16-102HDH AK118868
  • T18-102HD AK118622 AK118870
  • T18-102HD II AK118720
  • T20-102HD AK118919 AK118748
  • Verts Loisirs; VLK15H40D AK118807
  • Brill
  • T92/13H Crossover AK119426
  • Sigma
  • T14-102HD AK118315
  • T14-102SG AK118314
  • T18-102HD AK118317 AK118669
  • T18-102SG AK118316

Check article number of mower to determine the correct parts - the article number is the 6 digit number starting with a 1 (detailed article number or Art. No.).Please note all models above detail the specific article number for which this part is suitable.  


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