AL-KO Easy 3.22 E 32cm / 13″ Hand-Propelled Electric Lawnmower

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Product Information:

The AL-KO electric lawn mower 3.22 E Easy adds a new, recognisable look to our entry-level electric lawnmowers, emphasising style and familiarity.

This lawn mower stands out for its environmentally friendly and quiet performance, making it an excellent choice for residential lawn maintenance. A 1200 W electric motor powers it and operates without producing emissions, noise, or requiring engine oil or petrol because of its cable-powered design. This ensures uninterrupted mowing with no recharging or refueling, resulting in a lightweight and comfortable mowing experience.

The 3.22 E Easy model has a compact 32 cm wide design, which eliminates the inconvenience of protruding wheels. This feature makes it ideal for precise mowing around edges, corners, and small, intricate garden spaces. It is designed with user comfort in mind, with a sturdy carrying handle, simple central cutting height adjustment, and a lightweight 12 kg build, making it ideal for garden enthusiasts and seniors looking for easy lawn care.

With a 32cm cutting width and 35L plastic collection box, this mower can efficiently manage lawns up to 250m². The mower's aerodynamic shape improves clipping collection, while the large opening ensures the grass catcher basket is properly filled. The collection box has a fill level indicator and an easy-to-use carrying handle for convenient disposal. For added convenience, the mower's handle is foldable for compact storage.


Design language
Chic, new with high recognition value
1200 W, electric, emission-free
Cable, whisper-quiet, without exhaust, oil, heat, noise
Cutting width
32 cm
12 kg
Lawn suitability
Up to 250 m²
Collection box
35 L, plastic, with fill level indicator
Central cutting height adjustment, sturdy carrying handle, foldable handle for storage