Toro Power Plex™ 51130 13" Cordless Trimmer/Edger Kit

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Product Information:

Toro have ventured into battery powered gardening equipment with the launch of their Power Plex™ range. Toro are an American company who have been manufacturing commercial and home owner garden and agricultural machinery since the early 1900s. Toro are the parent company of Hayter so have premises based in the UK as well as the US.The Toro Power Plex™ gardening tools are completely cordless without any cables to restrict your movement whilst working around the garden. They are significantly quieter than petrol tools and produce no emissions or exhaust fumes so are kinder to the environment. Power Plex™ cordless machines have a 40 volt power rating and can be used with either a 2.5Ah or 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery. A higher Ah number will increase the running time of a tool so different batteries on the same machine will effect the usage time. Running a machine on low or high speed will also effect the time the battery will last. The Power Plex™ battery charger can give you a quick turnaround charging the T90 2.5Ah battery in just 60 minutes.The Toro Power Plex™ range has 5 garden tools which can all be used with the same batteries and chargers. 3 of the machines use a DC brushless motor which gives them more power, better running times and a longer life than brushed motor models. You only have to buy the battery and charger once then interchange with all the machines saving you money and storage space.The Power Plex™ 51130 33cm cordless string trimmer has a brushed motor powered by a the Toro 40v 2.5Ah lithium battery . It has many excellent features including the lawn edging function. At a push of a button the head will twist round so you can edge around lawns and borders. The telescopic shaft is length adjustable to suit users of different heights and with variable speed available at the touch of a button the Toro Power Plex™ 51130 is an excellent all round domestic trimmer. Up to 60 minutes of running time will be available depending on the motor speed and cutting conditions. Length and thickness of the grass or weeds being cut. Specifications


51130 string trimmer / edger kit
40v Lithium-ion battery
Variable Speed
2 speed
Adjustable Shaft
Telescopic adjustment up to 12 inch
Trimmer Head
Auto feed single line 2.03mm diameter
Manufacturer’s 3 year on the machine and 2 year on the battery for home owner use
Kit includes the 51130 trimmer, T90 2.5Ah battery and quick charger