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Spare Parts
Free mainland UK delivery (excludes Scottish Highlands)
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Spare Parts

Spare Parts Request Page

Spare Parts Request Page

Spare Parts Service

We can now supply customers (in the UK only) with spare parts for garden machinery products from most of the major manufacturers.

Before completing the Enquiry Form below and in order to help you as quickly as possible, please take note of the following:

a. Most popular garden machinery products (whether lawn mowers, tractors, shredders, strimmers, chainsaws etc) have been around in various versions for many years, and the required parts for the different versions change according to version.
Hence, it is not sufficient to state a general requirement such as "I need a new drive cable for my Hayter Harrier 41 mower" - because the required cable (or whatever part) can vary from version to version.
Apart from the Manufacturer's Name and Model Description, it is essential that you also include the Model Type & Serial Number of your machine.
This information will be on a plate or a sticker that is on the chassis/body of your machine and must be included in the form below (please do not confuse this plate/sticker with the different one that will be on the engine/motor of the machine).

b. If you require parts for an engine/motor, please include all the above data and also all the detailed information that is on the plate/sticker on the engine/motor itself (specifically the Engine Type and Serial numbers).

c. If you can supply the part numbers of the spare parts you need, this will assist us considerably. Do look in the Operator's Manual or any other literature that was supplied with your machine. Many of the manufacturers include part numbers and diagrams in the supplied literature. If you cannot supply part numbers, please provide a detailed description of the part(s) you require in the Description of Parts field of the form.

d. Please complete the form with your details and requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Please ensure your email address is correct otherwise we cannot reply to you.

Spare Parts Request Form

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Engine Make & Model
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