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Electric Rotary Mower

Electric rotary lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes with a machine to suit any budget. A rotary cutting blade fits underneath the mower and cuts the grass as you walk behind the machine. Electric rotary mowers are now available in hand or self-propelled versions so you can choose to have an electric mower with power drive. Power-driven or self-propelled electric lawnmowers propel the user along at a comfortable walking pace while mowing. This takes the hard work out of pushing the mower if you have sloping ground.

If you choose a 4 wheel electric rotary lawn mower it will give a good cut and finish to most lawn types and will be easy to handle over any uneven areas of ground. Electric roller mowers have a single roller at the rear of the machine which provides a striped effect to the lawn as you’re mowing. Some brands of electric lawn mowers come with a mulch plug so they will mulch the grass clippings into fine pieces which are blown down onto the lawn where they virtually disappear. No need to collect the grass into a collector for emptying.

We sell the leading brands of electric rotary mowers including Mountfield, Cobra, Bosch, AL-KO and Hayter - giving you excellent value for money, whilst maintaining the power and performance of their petrol counterpart.

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