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Scarifier / Aerator / Rake

Scarifying is a process where moss and debris is removed from a lawn. This was traditionally done by hand with a lawn rake and was a time consuming and tiring job for the person having to do it. Working out when the lawn needs scarifying is as important as actually doing it. Twice a year in the Spring and Autumn are the best times as the process can prove quite messy as the lawn is raked over and the debris pulled up.

Petrol or electric lawn scarifiers will use tines to ‘rake’ up dead moss and lawn thatch. Removing this debris will allow moisture and nutrients to be absorbed through the soil into the grass roots. New growth will be stronger and healthier and provide a lusher appearance throughout the lawn. Walk behind lawn scarifiers can be used by home owners and professionals to create a beautiful lawn all year round.

An electric lawn scarifier will be suitable for smaller domestic lawns where a mains electricity supply is easily accessed. For commercial users or those people with a larger lawn area then a petrol scarifier is best. A walk behind petrol scarifier will provide freedom of movement around the lawn without trailing cables to contend with.

We feature both walk behind petrol and electric lawn scarifiers for professional or domestic use by top brands including AL-KO, John Deere, Hayter, Billy Goat, Stiga and Cobra. We have something to suit every pocket in our range.