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Electric Lawn Mowers

If you have a small patch of lawn that you like to keep neat and tidy then you might consider an electric lawn mower a sound investment. An electric lawnmower is lightweight and quieter than its petrol counterparts. Electric mowers will come in a variety of cutting styles including cylinder mowers, hover mowers and rotary mowers. Electric cylinder mowers cut down very low and have front and rear rollers to give a lawn a fine, striped finish. Electric hover lawn mowers are designed to ‘float’ over the lawn and can be manoeuvred easily as if they were on a ‘cushion of air’. Electric rotary lawnmowers have a single centre blade which rotates beneath the machine cutting the grass as you go.

If you prefer a traditional striped effect on the lawn choose an electric lawn mower with a roller. Some electric rotary mowers have a roller between the rear wheels so some striping can be achieved.

Grass Collection

All electric cylinder lawnmowers and electric rotary lawnmowers come with a grass collection box. Cylinder mowers have the collector fitted on the front of the machine whilst rotary mowers have the collector fitted on to the back. If a hover mower has a grass collector it can only be fitted onto the top of the machine. The majority of small electric hover mowers do not have a collector at all.


As recycling becomes increasingly popular and much needed you can now recycle your grass clippings as you mow. Mulching cuts and re-cuts the grass clippings into very fine pieces which are blown back onto the lawn. The pieces virtually disappear into the lawn where they are absorbed giving the grass extra nutrients and moisture. No collecting or emptying of grass boxes required.

All the electric lawn mowers we have on offer on our website come with the full manufacturer’s warranty. Our selection includes electric cylinders mowers by Allett, electric hover mowers by Flymo and electric rotary mowers by Bosch, Mountfield, Cobra, AL-KO and Hayter.