John Deere Extreme-Gard LS90 Transmission Oil 5 Litre VC87939-005

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Product Information:

John Deere Extreme-Gard LS90 Transmission Oil 5 Litre VC87939-005Extreme-Gard is an extreme pressure tractor transmission oil designed for the effective lubrication of mechanical transmissions and gearboxes in John Deere machinery. Applications;

  • Final reduction drives
  • Differential units
  • Manual gearboxes
  • Hypoid axles 

Key advantages;

  • Excellent anti-wear properties and extreme pressure performance.

Extend the life of mechanical components.

  • Sulphur, Chlorine and Lead (SCL) package protects gears during long term storage

Particularly important for seasonal machines which stand idle for many months of the year.

  • Adapted to all types of operating conditions including high speed/shock loading, high speed/low torque, low speed/high torque and abrupt variations in loading

Ideally suited to diverse operating conditions.

  • Low viscosity at low temperature, yet high resistance to oxidation and high thermal stability

Facilitate gear changing at both high and low temperatures, minimise frictional losses and ensure maximum wear protection for the gears.

  • Enhanced component cleanliness over extended periods (due to lower deposit formation)

Assures effective, reliable operation of the lubricant for extended periods in adverse operating conditions.


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