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How to Create the Perfect Garden

Paula Hyde 09/12/2016 1324 0 0

How to Create the Perfect Garden

Many of us will look into our gardens this summer and sigh at how plain and unorganised it looks. From weeds overtaking the plant box, to the grass becoming long and unruly, there are things about our outdoor havens we would certainly like to change. Creating the perfect garden can take a lot of hard work and effort, but it is not without its benefits. After all, there is nothing better than sitting in the garden with friends and family, while admiring the flora and fauna. So if you want to dazzle your guests this summer, consider this guide on how to create the perfect garden.

Plan Ahead

You should know what you want from your garden, as well as the plants you wish to place inside it. Be careful to plan ahead so that you have an accurate list of the things you need to buy, such as soil and tools. After all, different types of plants often require different soil types, so make sure you check this first as well. Choose plants, flowers, and herbs that not only complement each other but also grow well together.


While you are planning your garden, don’t forget to take the climate of your area into consideration. Research the plants that grow best where you live and in your climate. This can be a huge deciding factor in the success of your garden and should not be ignored. After all, it would be a terrible waste and shame if all of your plants were to die simply because they needed a bit more shade or sun.

Small Steps

Always start your garden small. Even if you have a massive garden that you plan to redesign, focus on one little patch at a time. This way, you can focus on its progression and make sure you are doing everything correctly before you move onto the next stage. You can even just work on one section per year in order to really let your garden flourish.


Using rocks and boulders as your garden markers are not only natural and effective, but they also produce a really beautiful and calming aesthetic. Carefully plan their location and use them to bring a little life to your garden. Plus, being eco-friendly is great for both you and the environment.

Insect Protection

Every garden gets their fair share of bugs, especially if you are growing vegetables and herbs. Your first reaction might be to use pesticides, but you should stop to consider your options. Pesticides are not only harmful to the environment, but also to the vegetables that you are growing. A quick search of the internet shows there are a range of natural repellents that you can use that are equally effective.

The Weather

Finally, the perfect garden requires a keen eye on weather conditions. Use tarps or other pots to protect your plants from unfavourable conditions such as frost and hail. Even plants that cannot be exposed to excessive rain can be easily protected from the weather. Always make sure you know the weather in advance so that you can be amply prepared for anything that might come your way.

With these tips you’ll have the perfect garden in no time.

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