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Cobra SA32E Electric Lawn Scarifier and Aerator

  • COSA32E

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The SA32E is a robust, compact 32cm width electric lawn scarifier and aerator by Cobra. The SA32E is ideal for using in the Spring and Autumn to remove moss and thatch which has built up on the lawn.

Any build up in growth will be preventing grass shoots from coming through so the lawn will look patchy and unhealthy. The spring tines used by the Cobra SA32 E scarifier will ‘rake’ through the top of the lawn removing the moss and thatch. The cylinder / drum can be changed over to a bladed aerator which cuts through the lawn helping to release / loosen compacted soil. If the soil is too compact moisture and nutrients will be unable to penetrate down to the grass roots so they won’t thrive. Any material released by the scarifying or aerating process will be collected into the 30ltr fabric debris bag. Textile collectors allow for a better airflow so collection is more efficient.

By simply using a lawn scarifier or lawn aerator like the Cobra SA32E you can ensure a better looking, lusher growing lawn all year round.

Electric lawn scarifiers are suited to smaller areas of lawn and garden where a mains electrical supply is easy to access. This SA32E model is powered by a 1300w motor.

To switch from the scarifying tines to the bladed aerator just change over the included drums. This is a very simple operation which can be achieved quickly. The aerator uses a 12 bladed drum and the scarifier a 36 tine drum.

The working depth of the machine can also be adjusted with a single lever to 4 settings from -9mm to +4mm.

Cobra provide complete peace of mind with a 2 year warranty.


  • Model: SA32E
  • Power: 1300w
  • Rated Voltage: 240v-50Hz
  • Working Width: 13" / 32cm
  • Working Depths: -9mm to +4mm
  • Depth Adjustment: Single lever
  • Settings: 4 positions
  • Collector: 30ltr textile
  • Aerator Drum: 12 blades
  • Scarifier Drum: 36 tines
  • Mains Cable Length: 10m
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 2 year

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