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Which aerator is the best for your lawn will depend on what condition your grass is in. We recommend that you aerate twice a year. Read on and you’ll see what we mean when we say that this is one of the best things that you can do for your lawn.

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Aerating your lawn is key to its health, good looks and a superior condition. Suffering from heavy foot traffic each summer, the water of winter and compression of mowing can tighten up soil so that it doesn’t have the air and access to nutrients t

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Luscious looking lawns are usually the result of a lot of hard work, here are some handy tips from the experts at mowers-online on how to revitalise your lawn after the winter months

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If you find yourself regularly looking at your lawn and wishing it looked a little better, you’re not alone. Many lawns could be thicker, they could be greener and they could definitely be less patchy. Most often these issues are caused by an iss

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